Be A Service Provider!

Working as a Service provider is fun, easy and you can work little or more. You work with your tools you are used with, do the services you are familiar with and communicate with the service seekers during your roject.

Projects can be small, process a drawing for stake out data, get a survey and background drawing and create an as-built drawing, do a net adjustment or a mass calculation and send to the service seeker while they are sleeping. It can also be part of a larger project.

You will enter what you can and want to do at Tecjontap!

Youwill either be contacted by service seekers or you can bid for projects, check your page regulary!

Techontap welcomes everyone as a service provider. Students, new at work, experienced teachers, with short or long CV’s. We think there are need for everyone in our line of business, the business that keeps the globe to be planned, designed, constructed and maintained by people like us.

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