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Techontap connects technical consultants on a freelance basis. Our consultants works within CAD, GIS, BIM – or bring it down to mapping, surveying calculations, net adjustments, as-built drawings, stake out data, machine guidance data, road. railroad, site design, point cloud classification, point clouds filtering, terrain modeling, volume, mass and quantity calculations, plans of all sorts kinds but also more complex mathematical calculations.

Did we mention Building information modeling, classification, transformatin work, projection calculations, coordinate systems transfers, construction calculation?

Our service providers are situated around the world, ready to work for you – either together with you on any internet connection or preparing your data during your night.

Techontap welcomes everyone as a service provider. Students, new at work, experienced teachers, with short or long CV’s. We think there are need for everyone in our line of business, the business that keeps the globe to be planned, designed, constructed and maintained by people like us.

Are you in need of consultancy within this line of business? We invite you to take part! Search for a service provider that fits your needs or upload your work and let service providers bid for it!

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